8 thoughts on “Bikeability courses- AMENDED DATES

  1. Next year I’m going to do bike ability people say it’s really fun

  2. If I could ride my bike to school I would because that would be epic🤗 but I don’t get to ride it much so I would need more practise if I would ride on the road to school,and anyway all of the roads to home are busy except for the road I live on ,it is very quiet😴!!! If I could ride on the road it would be a dream come true

  3. When I fail I used to get really upset but now, I’ve learned that just because I haven’t got it right I can still try and I’ll eventually get it. 😝 One time I was playing football and then I asked someone to pass to me, then I tried to score but missed. I didn’t give up after that though, I am still trying, I’ll eventually get there in the end. I just need to try my best and train. Another time I failed in spelling because I was trying to spell “surprise” but I didn’t know how to spell it so I spelt it suprise without the ‘r’ in front of the ‘u’ so when I was at home on Friday I finished my homework and practised the spellings, I kept on finding ways to remember them like ‘library’ would be “lib rar y” so I could remember it easily. I studied and worked hard to spell surprise and eventually I got there in the end.

  4. I think I might go because I love to ride my bike all the time.

  5. When I was younger I was not that good at football⚽️ and I cept failing on my skills and shots .With my shots l would keep missing the target and with my skills l would more than likely skill my self up.Now l am older I am quite good at football because I practiced a lot.

  6. I love riding bikes, but I’m not allowed because I have stabilisers on my bike and I don’t know how to ride a bike without stabilisers.

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