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Competition time!

To help promote the cycle tour, which is again coming to Croydon next month, there is a competition open to all primary and secondary schools in the borough of Croydon.  All winning entries will be professionally printed and displayed along the track.

Rules for designing your cycling themed banner:

  •  Entries must be made by primary or secondary school pupils from Croydon Schools only
  •  All banners should be designed on A4 size paper in landscape. If designing your banner electronically please set the page up as A4 landscape. It is preferred that entries prepared in hard copy should scanned at a high resolution and submitted electronically. Please save all files in a recognised format e.g. .PDF, .docx or .JPEG
  •  Think about why you love cycling and use your ideas to inspire your design. Do you enjoy mountain biking, road or track cycling? Do you cycle with your friends or family? Do you cycle to school or on holiday? Have you taken part in Ride Local or Breeze?
  •  Please design well defined and clear images, if not we may struggle to reproduce your banner
  •  Try not to use more than 6 colours

All entries to be handed in to Mrs Huet (Kestrel class) by Tuesday 2 May 2017

The winning banners will be displayed along the Cycle Tour Series 2017 track. To find out more about the tour look at this link http://www.tourseries.co.uk/home.php

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