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Start of the school day


To ensure an efficient start to the school day we will be changing the way that children and parents enter the school building in the morning.

From Monday 24th April parents will be asked to drop their children off at their year group door, rather than taking them into their classroom. There will be a member of staff on each of the doors to greet the children from 8.40am until 8.55am. If you have a message for the class teacher the member of staff on the year group door will pass this on to them. The class teachers will continue to be in the playground at the end of the school day for you to speak to.

The classrooms in Year 1 each have their own outside door. Year 1 parents will be asked to drop their children at these doors.

Nursery parents will continue to bring their children into the Nursery and settle them at an activity of their choice.