22 thoughts on “Thought for the week: changing your mind.

  1. I think changing my mind is sometimes good because I get very angry sometimes.

  2. It is a bad thing because we have learned so much and we don’t want to give all that up do we

  3. I think that changing my mind about a bad thing is a good thing because doing a good thing is the right thing.
    Changing my mind about a good thing to a bad is a no no.

  4. Well I think it’s bad to change your mind because if you change your mind every thing that you have learned will go away . So I wil never change my mind . Well if I changed my mind really right now I’ll forget about the things that I learned of at school so that’s why I don’t want to change my mind . But it’s the people’s choice to change their mind or not . Well as I said if you change your mind you will forget every thing that you learned at school or at home or any where else in this world . What I’m scared of that is going to go away if I change my mind is animals that i love and like

  5. I think changing my mind is good because sometimes I get so angry I can not control myself

  6. I think you should always make the right decisions in life because it’s it’s important

  7. It depends on what you have changed your mind about. If you got invited to a party but you’re grounded and you decide to stay in then you decide to sneak out then that’s not a good thing. If it is about what you wanted to be when you’re older but then you realise it’s not what you want it’s what your parents want then it’s ok to change your mind as long as you choose the right option. Nobody controls your mind except you , you’re the one person who has control over your decisions so make sure you choose the one you think is right. Trust your gut instinct and don’t doubt yourself.

  8. I agree with Skye. It does depend on what it is, but you need to make sure that it means a everyone is pleased with your decision. You also need to make sure that it is safe and won’t worry anyone. Sometimes it can annoy someone if you make the wrong decision or you take too long deciding.

  9. It depends on what you want to change but if your decision can benefit the world then that is not a problem.If you are happy with Changing your mind then you have to be careful that you don’t take matter into your own hands.

  10. I think you shouldn’t change your mind because you should always believe what you think is right over wise you won’t have any belief in yourself and you will stop trying hard

  11. Changing your mind is good not bad 🙂😇
    Sometimes you have got to be smart😜🐥

  12. I think changing your mind is a good thing because say you said something that you didn’t like and it wasn’t a very good example or something and then you wanted to change it I think that’s why changing your mind is good


  13. I think a good thing because if a bad thing happens you can change your mind

  14. I think changing my mind is a good thing is because what if you do not want the food you are given and you do not change your mind you will force yourself to eat the food

  15. It is a good thing to change your mind because lots of people want to vote for different people and that’s why you should change your mind

  16. If you are sensible🙂 you should Never change your mind because if you do you might change to a bad person. You’ll earn merits if you keep being good but if you’re BAD 😡 You should change to good because you want merits don’t you? If yes don’t ask for merits or shout because you have no merits or stamp them yourself instead just do the right thing it’s simple being good will make you get merits more than when you’re bad.
    I hope you agree

  17. It is good to change your mind beacuse if you had some food and you want the other food you will need to change your mind

  18. Changing your mind allways comes in handy because when you have wrong answer your mind wants to change your mind

  19. I think it is a good think to change your mind because people who decided to change their mind in something it’s because they might not like what they’re saying and they might think that it might not really make sense or for an example like in a test they ticked a box and they think that it mught be the wrong answer so it’s your decision to change your mind in your learning not others but the teachers could tell you whether it’s right or wrong so then you should obey adults and then change it straight away.

  20. I think it’s a great thing to change your mind because if you do a bad thing then you could change your mind to do a good thing if you don’t change your mind then it is a bad thing to do if you do then it is a good thing to do 😎💩😎

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