34 thoughts on “Thought for the week – Community

  1. I’d rather follow the school rules and if someone will be rude to meI will ignore or tell a teacher.
    Respect the whole school!

  2. We could help the teachers with taking books somewhere, like from up stairs to down stairs and that might help the teachers also be very great full.

  3. We would help the schools community by not being mean and not kicking people because people can get really hurt so people stop crying and you don’t want people to get hurt .

  4. I think I can help by recycling because then we can help the school to be healthy.

  5. I will make sure that if I see anyone littering to tell them to pick it up. I think I can help by recycling.

  6. I think we should make sure every bit of litter is in the bin and we should recycle all the plastic bags.

  7. We can help our school community by following our school rules and being kind and generous to each other .even the nursery children can still help each other.

  8. I think we should help every teacher with their things like books, iPads anything but we always help everyone because they will help us.

  9. I think to make the school community better everyone will need to be nice to adults and children and don’t play fight because you might hurt yourself really badly and we don’t want anyone to be punched or kicked and don’t throw anything anywhere or at someone because it will not hurt anyone at all

  10. I would be a better student, help everyone in the school, follow the school rules and treat everyone with respect!

  11. I think if we see litter on the floor even if it’s not yours and if there isn’t a bin at the time put it in your pocket until you see one and if you have any broken pieces plastic or a plastic bag recycle it and then it can be made into something else

  12. I would follow the school rules,I would play with everyone and I would always try my best to do the thing I need to do.

  13. If you wanted to help your community you could try and find a bin to put your litter in instead of throwing it on the floor. Also don’t through things in bushes if you are at the woods because it is irresponsible of you and anyone else. If you really want to help the community then why don’t you try making better choices and start thinking of the community before yourself and that includes anyone who is making bad choices. Just remember it is your decision if you want to help the community or not.🏕

  14. I would help our community by putting stuff in the bin and helping adults clean up the classroom.

  15. I can help my mum and dad do the drying up when doing the washing up and Wipe the Windows,in the morning (witch I all ready do every morning) . Also on Mother’s Day all she has to do is sit and relax because me and my sister and dad I’ll do all the work for her even give her breakfast in the morning

  16. I would help our community by not littering as I can see in our school,there are lots of people littering.
    Also,I would play with other people if they are lonely as I can see a few people sitting on benches alone.

  17. For everyone to be themselves ,do their thing and try their best ! Then we’ll make money and merits faster than a cheetah

  18. To help our school community we can put more toys out and get more basketballs and then it will be better

  19. If anyone litters we can pick it up and throw it in the bin this will make our school more clean.

  20. To help our community we need to speak to other people so then they can speak to other people and so on and so on and that can help our community and that can help you

  21. If anyone litters I will go and pick it up or I will tell them off because don’t litter the world is a good thing we live on.please don’t litter

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