Thought for the week – Playtime

Today during the assembly we talked about different ways that we can make playtime a happy time for everyone.  What will you make sure that you do so that everyone has a good playtime?child-playing-1717815_960_720

Thought for the Week

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  1. if someone has a group of friends that r being rude u should just walk away and if u don’t have any friends maybe u should ask to play with someone else and don’t be afraid to ask

  2. I would make sure that people wouldn’t get into fights and wouldn’t be rude and leave people out

  3. I will let everyone play with me, I will not leave anyone out and I will be so kind and make sure everyone is happy

  4. I would try my best,and I mean it, to make everyone extremely (happy), even if they are a stranger!

  5. I would make sure people don’t bully and if I did tell a teacher or a adult who I truly trust and same with fighting and people leaving other people out

  6. If everyone wants to have a good playtime,nobody should leave anyone out.
    Next,Everyone should play together.
    Then HAVE FUN!


  7. I would make everyone have a good playtime by if there lonely I would ask them if they want to play with me even know I don’t know them and there younger than me.

  8. To make the pay time happy for everyone I would play with each other and I will sort out problems and sit together in the canteen

  9. Making play time so happy for all of you
    We have too be kind and make sure everyone have someone to play with
    But if you see that some one who is lonely sad you can go to them and play with them no matter
    If they are younger that you or older.

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