Football Frenzy!


It hasn’t just been the girls getting involved in some football action recently; the boys have had two matches as well. Firstly, they travelled to Heavers Farm on Friday, where they took to the brand new Heavers Farm 4G pitch for the first time and took on their team in the inaugural match.

We were missing Anthony, one of our defenders, due to injury, meaning we went into the match with no substitutes, so the Selsdon team really had to step up for the full 30 minutes. The ground was slippy on the astro-turf, and our players were really brave, overcoming several injuries to keep playing; a big shout out to Lucas and Bailey who both really took one for the team!

Both teams played fantastically, and it was a really thrilling game. Heavers went up 1-0 fairly quickly, when a flurry of shots came towards our keeper Harry, and Heavers eventually managed to slot one past him into the goal.

A powerful shot from Bailey brought the score level again for Selsdon around 10 minutes in, but then, just before the whistle to end the first half, one of the Heavers players made a flying run down the right wing and managed to slide the ball past Harry into the far-left corner. This meant that the Heavers had the lead as we went into half time.

Selsdon had loads of fantastic chances in the second half, but Heavers’ defenders managed to scupper many of Selsdon’s chances. Loads of great shots came from Bailey and Max, who was creating a lot of chances on the right wing. Despite all of these chances being created by Selsdon, Heavers managed to stave us off for the entire second half, meaning the match ended 2-1 to Heavers Farm, a very unlucky loss for Selsdon. Check out the slideshow below:

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Next, we were up against Greenvale, which was almost a disaster, as we thought it was a home match, and had to rush over to Greenvale just after our warm-up to get on with the game. A big thank you to Ms Price, who saved us by whizzing us over there in the minibus in the nick of time!

This was a really close match. After beating Greenvale 2-1 at the last clash, they were clearly out for revenge and were well prepared and practised this time! In the first half, Selsdon had many chances at goal, but Greenvale had a talented goalkeeper, who was scuppering all of our chances! Whilst we didn’t manage to take the lead, there is no doubt that Selsdon commanded the first half. A big shout out to Bailey and Christopher for their role in our first half domination.

As soon as we entered the second half, Greenvale had a new lease on life, firing through balls down the pitch and breaking open the Selsdon defence. Shortly into the second half, one of these through balls came off, and Greenvale managed to pick up a goal. Selsdon did not lie down, however, and came back with some fantastic runs up the pitch. Team captain Bailey managed some amazing runs, only very narrowly missing goal. Unfortunately, Bailey’s brilliant performance led to him having several players marking him at all times and a few unnecessary fouls, including a Greenvale player pushing Bailey over with two hands. The free kick that followed created another great chance, but again, it was unlucky and didn’t make it into the net.

The game ended 1-0 to Greenvale, which was, again, a really unfortunate result for Selsdon after a fantastic performance.

Our player of the match(es) goes to Bailey, who was terrorising the opposition defences in both matches. Also worth a special mention are Donnell and Max in the Heavers Farm match, and Christopher in the Greenvale match.

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