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  1. Never ever go online and talk to other people they can hack into your account or it might be a stranger or they can be older then you like 20,30,43 you never now how old they are so be careful who you are taking to

  2. Never ever go online and talk to strangers and never give your personal information to a stranger or you will be in danger and never meet up with a stranger that you don’t know

  3. Don’t go and ask strangers that you don’t know to meet you.Also if you’re getting bullied on the internet you should tell a parent or a teacher or you could block them so they don’t bother you again

  4. The advice I would give others is that you shouldn’t go on anything else but YouTube and appropriate games not silly inappropriate games just educational games and appropriate games👍🏽

  5. You should be safe otherwise if you tell a stranger your personal information they could come to your house and steal you

  6. If someone is being rude to you online,you could block them and tell a carer ,put the electronic down or just don’t visit that website if your on Google

  7. If u get bullied online u should block person or if bother you more never ever go on that website again and never from an adult and if hide it from a adult . They can but a tracking devices too be carful what u do on the internet ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

  8. Being on the internet you should be very careful because you could get rude comments by people you don’t no like if you are on a game sometimes you could message and people could hurt your feelings like ROBLOX you could type to a stranger.

  9. Advice I would give is to never arrange to meet someone and never to give enyone your phone number and address.

  10. If you have been cyber bullied block them and report to the game about them then leave the game or website and go on another one or tern it off say if I was playing minecraft and I got cyber bullied I would leve the game and join another server

  11. When you go online you should be very careful who your texting because it could be a stranger and they could be older what they said they was and they could be very mean so you have to be safe on the internet.

  12. I think that people should have safe internet because bully can be on the internet and you might think that you ar text to a nice person but it could be a bully so be care full what you do on the internet so do ask your parents for permission to go online thanks for listening

  13. When you’re online you should play safely like if some 1 is saying I got a free I phone or scamming you then ignore the or unfriend or tell a audult and this happened to me that I was playing a online game then I said hi to some 1 then she started saying I got for i phone go to this website and she was saying I got free robux that is money but she didn’t got and she was scamming it happens to me in this online game that I play all ways called ROBLOX it happened 1nc and I was playing a game then some 1 said there school and you should never ever tell ur personal stuff but I got scammed 1nc and if some be rude to u leave the game or go to a new website…or I close the computer or tell a adult or block or report that person like I block or report that person.And stay safe in the electronic u are on! 🤔😟😔

  14. You should be safe by not talking to strangers and don’t retaliate if someone is bullying you just tell someone

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