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Our girls took part in a spot of football last week, playing last Thursday in a muddy match on the field! It was a really good effort from both sides, with Heavers eventually coming out on top.

The first half was an exciting affair, with Selsdon initially going 1-0 up thanks to a great shot from Shannon. Heavers Farm levelled quickly, with their striker slotting one past Amy, our first-half keeper. Selsdon put up a fantastic fight for the remainder of the match, but Heavers started to run away with the game, scoring another five goals. Selsdon didn’t give up, even when they were losing, which was really fantastic to see.

Our player of the match has to go to Charley-Mae, who was all over the pitch, scooping up balls and making fantastic runs throughout the game. Another special mention has to go to both Shannon and Tamara, who were a strong attacking force throughout the game.

Despite the loss, there was absolutely fantastic feedback from some of the teachers here at Selsdon. Mr Feitor came to watch the match and said he was really impressed with all of the girls. He thought that the attitudes of the Selsdon team were fantastic, commenting that they were very resilient, didn’t complain at all and really gave great effort.

Shannon also had a fantastic outlook on the match, commenting that, despite losing 6-1, they had all enjoyed playing Heavers Farm as it was such a good challenge and that she would love to do it again.

Well done ladies! Onwards and upwards to our matches this Friday!

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