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  1. I think I aspire to be a professional streetdancer because I go streetdance and I love it and I saw my teachers doing it and I thought their very good at it and I thought I might be able to dance like that when I’m older I just love it soooo much

  2. I am aspire to write non-fiction and fiction book’s. I think that we should limit aspire because sometimes you have to go far to do something.

  3. It means if you dream about what you want to be your determination will grow stronger e.g Idream about cars and my dertermimation will grow stronger because I have been dreaming about this since I was just 4 years old because my dad brought me remote control car’s until I was 7years old . By the age of 8 l started building cardboard and plastic car’s . By the age of 8 and a half I used you tube to make my plastic and cardboard boxes and my dertermimation grew stronger by the day so I chose to build

  4. When i grow up i would like to be a teacher because i like the things teachers do and i like helping other children in learning. Also i can learn more.

  5. My aspiration is to be a fashion designer so that people from all around the world can try on new outfits and styles so they can know what suits them.

  6. I think that post means within our wildest dreams we will achieve different things along the way. We will achieve a lot throughout our lives and we will have a lot of opertunities that when might decline but, we have to remember we only have this opertunity once or twice! I want to be a teacher when I grow up and I was inspired by my own teachers !! I think everyone should limit their aspirations because it takes a lot to complete a dream, and I used to give up a lot! So I am going to keep on trying till I am good enough to become a teacher. I get to draw smiley faces on the board !! !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. When i grow up i want to be a pilot and or scientist because if tryed a plane flying simulator thing and i love to do experiments
    And i dont think that you should limit your asperations because if you dont dream big from a young age you probably wouldnt be the best that you wanted to be

  8. I would like to be a doctor because as a child I always liked playing doctors and I like science and maths , my mum said those are the main subjects to become a doctor and I think I should limit my levels higher to get more of a chance to become one and I also want to save lives of sick people !

  9. I think evreyone can be what they want to if they keep on trying!!! And you can do that thing that you want to just try

  10. My dream is to be a doctor and I want be that because when doctors help me I want be the person to get help and I like. It when I save those people lives and it fell like a very good felling to get that opportunity to get that bit

  11. I would like to be a libarian because in the library,it is peace and quiet and I like that.😊
    I also love reading books!😍📚
    I like helping people as well.😇


  12. When I grow up I want to be a prefeshonel gymnastics ‍♂️ or a teacher ‍ or because I love baby’s I wold look after them if you me don’t let know one tell you what you can be or what you can’t it up to you what you be when you grow up ‍‍‍⚕️‍⚕️‍♀️‍♀️‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍You be what you want to be

  13. I would inspire to be a singer or an artist because it will make me feel happy and amazed Also a musician Also a gamerand a magician ♠️♦️♥️♣️and be good at sportshopefully you guys get what you want to be and I wanna be a animal keeper hopefully I will be one of them . Then I’ll be so happy if I get to be one of them 7.Also be happy on what you got .

  14. When I’m Older I either want to be a Chef, Actor or Tennis Player. I’m really good at being dramatic and I love performing although I’m quite shy In front of massive crowds so that’s something I want to work on 😳

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