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  1. I think it means by learning is journey not a destination is that learning grows more and more and won’t ever stop

  2. It means that learning never stops and it always a journey and never a (destination) witch means a arrival point but learning never stops so you are going on

  3. I Like this school because people care about each other and help them if they get hurt. People are respectful and and lots of peopple try their best. And all of the display,s are very nice and new peopple are nice.

  4. Learning is not a journey because if you just learn about one thing you don’t learn more stuff and you don’t go on a journey

  5. It means that you have to keep on learning never stop! Everyone can teach you something you just have to give them the opportunity to teach you!

  6. I think it means when some one teaches you something and that’s a learning journey and when you reach your destination that’s your answer

  7. Everyone should keep on learning because,if you stop learning you will not know any more interesting facts about the world!
    Everyone must learn in each step of their education because you get more clever and intelligent.


  8. I think it means learning is a journey that will never stop because you don’t just stop learning different things

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