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  1. I would show someone that I care about them is that I would help someone with something like cooking because that’s something that somepeople find a bit stressful

  2. It means that if you do something like holding the door for someone or helping a child out it is a little thing but it means a lot so when you do something it goes to the biggest part of their heart because it means a lot.

  3. I would show someone that I care about them is if they don’t have anyone to play or talk to I would ask if they wanted to play with me because some people just want someone to talk to and play with.

  4. I think this means that if you do even a little action to make someone happy the value of it will occupy the biggest part of their hearts because it shows you have empathy for everyone even people you don’t know. My mum always encourages me to do good things to people so the world can be at least a tiny bit more happy

  5. It means never stop doing stuff what you want and for your heart
    because people tell what to do but you don’t flow it

  6. You can help someone by helping them with there work or if they forgot their fruit that is how you can help people

  7. You can show someone that you care by holding the door,playing with them at break time if they are lonely and eating lunch with them.
    You don’t have to just care for one person,you can take care of a whole class if you want.😊
    How much little things you do each day,that help turns into a big Thank You by everyone you help.😉


  8. It might mean that when you do little things for others it means a lot to them because it would help them make the feel AMAZING and really HAPPY but if you are rude and nasty to them and not do little things for them that’s go a make them really sad and make them cry So if you are kind the planet would be a better place and I think that you should help everybody a lot but if you don’t help that is going to be really mean to your friends and family so be nice to everybody

  9. So now I know and you that it means you will make them really happy 😛 🤑 😂 😎 🐥🐤🐣

  10. I think you could help some one if they are hurt and if they leave their fruit up stairs you could go and get it with them. If it’s someone that doesn’t have anyone to talk to and play with you could ask them if they need someone to play with and talk to them and you can let them play your game so don’t leave someone out its unkind

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