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In football news, Selsdon has been going from strength to strength in recent weeks. Both our girls and boys football teams have been taking part in lots of different matches.

Our girls were up first with a friendly match against Forestdale on Friday 25th November. The girls played absolutely fantastically, quicky going up 1-0. Forestdale weren’t going to give up easily, and they came back with a goal at the start of the second half to make it 1-1. Right at the end of the game, Forestdale flew into the lead with another goal, with the game ending at 2-1 to Forestdale. This was an unfortunate result, but a really great game and our girls really played exceptionally well! Well done to all of our girls.

The following week, we hosted several schools here at Selsdon for the second instalment of the girls football league. This was a really tricky competition on some very muddy ground! The games were really tough and the other schools really played well, but our girls held their own and didn’t give up easily. The results haven’t gone up on the website yet, but keep an eye on it here to see our final result.

We had some really lovely feedback from the other schools regarding our girls playing and their fantastic behaviour and a special mention goes to Sofija, who stepped into goal and showed her own between the sticks!

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Next up were the boys, who have had two matches in the past couple of weeks. The first one was our first away match of the season, at a very frosty Courtwood Primary School. This was a tough match for our boys, playing on a smaller pitch than we’re used to. Courtwood put up a good fight and managed to secure a 1-0 win. This was our first loss of the season, which was disappointing for the boys, but they played well and we all agreed that Selsdon would come back stronger for the next match.

This was an accurate prediction, as we came back vehemently in yesterdays match versus Greenvale. This was a toughly fought match and Greenvale played well. We were missing Lucas and Max, so there were no substitutes, making it a really gruelling contest. In the first half, we played a fantastic passing game, which led to a fantastic and forcefully hit goal from Bailey.

The second half was tougher, with the light and the boys’ energy fading and, after a fumble just outside the box, Greenvale scored a goal. There was some confusion about this as the referee had blown a whistle for a foul, but the ball was kicked before the whistle so the goal was allowed.

Selsdon made some fantastic runs after this and really started to pull together. The result was a goal from Jefferson, with a fantastic assist from Donnell, after a team effort to get the ball in the box.

Next, our boys are up against Gilbert Scott this Wednesday, 14th January!

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