Some parents have raised concerns regarding other parents’ parking on Addington Road in the mornings and afternoons.

We must insist that all parents avoid parking on double yellow lines or zig-zags. This not only causes massive traffic disruptions all around the school, and all the way down Addington Road, but also presents a massive safety risk to yours and other people’s children.

Children are often crossing the road at this time, some walking to school on their own, and with parents driving and parking recklessly, they are in danger, as they may not be able to see the other traffic coming down the road.

Further, if you block the dropped curb at the entrance, ambulances and emergency services are unable to enter the school, putting children and adults within the school grounds at risk if someone were to require the help of emergency services.

Parking or stopping on zig-zags or double yellow lines is illegal. You are at risk of points on your driving licence and a fine if you stop or park there.

There are many other options for parking nearby; for example, parents can park their car safely in a nearby street and walk their children into school or, if you live close enough, please consider walking to school.

Thank you to the parents who have brought this to our attention, and thank you all for your ongoing support with this matter.

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  1. Thank you for posting this on the blog. Let’s hope everyone have access to the blog. Some parents blatantly disregard the children’s safety and the inconvenience they cause to others. There is a parent who parks right outside the back gate every afternoon and even if there are other parking available, she would not use them! It is mostly always the same people.

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