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Some parents have had some questions about PE kits, now that we’re asking for children to wear them to school. We wanted to address some of your questions with a blog post.

The reason for children coming into school wearing their PE kit is that changing from uniform and back twice a week wastes a significant amount of lesson time. We endeavour to offer all children in years 1-6 at least 2 hours of taught PE every week; the time children were spending changing was eating into this time and robbing them of lesson time. Further, this avoids the inevitable misplacing of clothing and other bits and bobs that can happen when changing.

There have been no changes to the uniform policy, and all of the uniform that your children have already been wearing remains the same. Children will be wearing exactly the same PE kit as they were last term.

trainer-clipart-orange-tennis-shoes-hi.pngWe have asked that children wear cheap trainers or plimsoles to school with their PE kit. This is not a requirement, but more of a suggestion, as the trainers will be used for sports activities and so are liable to get a lot of wear and tear.

Trainers may get dirty, but are unlikely to get muddy, as our PE lessons tend to happen inside if the weather is bad. Children are, however, outside at lunchtime every day, so they are likely to get as much wear as school shoes.

pe kit.pngChildren are able to wear either shorts or tracksuit bottoms to school with their PE kit; if you are concerned that your child will be too hot/cold in shorts or tracksuit bottoms, you can always send them in with shorts or tracksuit bottoms in their bag, or wearing their shorts under their tracksuit bottoms, so they can change if they need to.

Please check the uniform section of the website or my previous blog post if you have any questions regarding correct PE kit.



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  1. I think it is great that the children wear their PE kit to school for the full day as i agree it saves items of clothing getting lost. It makes it easier for staff and children and gives the chikdren a full PE lessons.

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