Wearing PE kit to school

From Monday 12th September, children in Years 1-6 will be expected to wear their PE kits to school on the days that they have PE.  They will also wear their PE kits to any after school sports clubs – apart from Taekwondo if they wear their Taekwondo suit..

PE days:

  • Year 1: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Year 2: Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Year 3: Wednesday
  • Year 4: Monday and Wednesday
  • Year 5: Thursday and Friday
  • Year 6: Thursday and Friday


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  1. Hello all!

    I would like to say I find this a great idea, but why tell us once uniform bought? We all could’ve bought almost half the amount if we knew in July. It will make uniform last longer but they will all grow out of it quicker than wear it out.

  2. So does this mean they will be wearing their kits all day? So 2/5 days they won’t be wearing uniform? Plimsolls aren’t suitable shoes for daily wear.

  3. So do they have to wear this PE kit all day or are we expected to lug their school uniform in on specific days for them to change into?

    Why the need for this sudden and unnecessary change when the system of leaving uniform at school has always worked fine?

    Many thanks

  4. Hello Miss L,

    Yes, the children will be wearing their PE kits all day on their PE days – they will not need to bring in their school uniform to change into. The children wearing their PE kits all day will allow for more time within the PE lessons as the children will not need to spend time changing.

    Kind regards
    Lynsey Barnett

  5. I Think this is a ridiculous idea. I’ve waisted so much money on new uniform as I’m sure everybody else has, I don’t appreciate the short notice. The children surely can’t wear shorts and tshirt in the winter?!

  6. Hello Sam,

    During the colder months the children will be wearing their tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirt, as they would have done within their PE lessons previously.

    Kind regards

    Lynsey Barnett

  7. Hello Miss Barnett,
    First off to telling us parents on the first day of school is appalling as I’m sure like most we have bought a whole weeks worth of school uniform and I’m sure some parents have stretched there budgets to do this and we could have all bought less uniform had we known.
    Most parents only have one PE kit and so we are expected to take it home and wash it over night- dry it and have it ready for the next day? What about parents who work long hours and don’t get home until later hours to do this and have it ready for the next day: its certainly not achievable if you don’t have a tumble dryer etc…so this means we have to buy more PE uniform.
    What if our children get dirty and muddy on the playing field. Will you provide spare clothes for them? or allow them to be dirty the whole day and lets face it most children can be clumsy so I’m sure the odd one now and again will have mud on them or get wet? To not have another change of clothes to change into like the uniform is not really fair.
    As always we seem to be told very last minute with this school and communication from the school office I know needs to be improved as its not fair to tell us all on the first day of school.
    I will off course follow the rules but not a happy parent as this really should have been communicated prior to us all breaking up.

  8. I will try to remember to keep Sophie out of the fertiliser!

    It’s done can’t change it, just move with it, not a bad move, just badly timed! The boys especially will be pleased to wear joggers & trainers all day!

  9. As per all the previous comments it would have been better for this to have been communicated prior to the school breaking up in July so parents could be better prepared. My daughter hates wearing the tracksuit so now I have to buy the tracksuit at an extra expense, I’ve just paid out £14 for a new cardigan which I think is extortionate and I think the quality leaves a lot to be desired. Also the school uniform is smart and my daughter loves putting this on every day. It also portrays a good image outside of school, now you will have children travelling in shorts and a t shirt or a track suit and trainers- scruffy, scruffy scruffy. Also you have not put the onus on the children and the parents to remember when PE days are – what happens if we get the day wrong – are we yellow carded or is it a straight red! and obviously that child will not be able to take part in PE that day. This is now my eighth year as a parent at this school and I find this decision one of the worst if I am being honest, why not do away with the uniform altogether and have children wear their own clothes. I am seriously considering my daughters future at this school.

  10. Bad communication from the school. It would have been better to have found this out at the end of last term before money had been spent in 5 days worth of new uniform. As Tracey says above, full uniform is much smarter and teaches children the importance of presenting themselves in a smart way and being proud of their appearance. It also portrays the schools image in a good way within the local community. Seeing children coming to and leaving school in PE kit may be functional for the sake of 1/6 of their school day twice a week ultimately scruffy.

  11. Hello Miss Barnett,

    Can this new policy be reconsidered, please? If the rule of saving time is applied to everything children do at school, there would be no break time either. For sure, children should be encouraged to get changed quickly.

    But this new rule, it is like going to a gym in the morning and staying in the same clothes for the whole day at work… can not see what is the point of the school uniform then, and also it is not hygienic.

    According to the same logic, children could go to school in their PJ, that saves time too.

    Thank you

  12. I feel very strongly about this.
    1) this should have been communicated to us way before the end of term. Doing so on the first day back is shocking.
    Why the sudden change?

    2) we, and I’m sure most parents, have spent a small fortune on good quality uniform thinking it would be for 5 days. What an utter waste of money.

    3) I’m very proud of Selsdon’s uniform. It looks smart and represents the school well. Children wearing Pe kits to and from school will not look smart and will not represent the school well.

    4) the change to the tracksuit for reception was bad enough, and now this.

    5) I spent £60 on very good quality school shoes. I spent that much to ensure good support for growing feet. And to look smart.
    I certainly won’t be sending my child in plimsolls (already purchased at £10) two full days a week as there is no support at all. So that means going and buying new trainers too (£30 more).

    6) we currently own: 1 X cr2 top, 1 X shorts & 1 X jogging bottoms.
    This means we would have to purchase additional of each item. Which would come to another £20 +.

    I have already spent £60 on other parts of uniform for a new year. This on top with last minute notice is not only impractical but also incredibly unfair.

    I do hope you listen to the parents, as I’m sure there are quite a few more posts than the ones admin have allowed on here already. Plus Facebook and all the complaints you will no doubt get in school tomorrow.
    You could turn this around as ‘we have listened and taken on board your concerns’.

    I’m In contact with quite a few parents and they are all incredibly upset.
    Fingers crossed this can be dealt with swiftly

  13. So having just spent a small fortune on uniforms for a 5 day week I now need to spend more to purchase more pe kit.
    Surely it would have made sense to inform us sooner, poor communication yet again.

  14. I’m sorry I do not think this is a good idea at all. This is open to people forgetting not only to put the children’s PE KIT on but also to send school uniform in with the children on PE DAYS. Or if your saying that two days a week they will only wear PE kits and not uniform then we need any of bothered spending so much money on new shirts skirts and trousers.

    Also won’t be a nice tidy look when leaving the school with kids all coming out in different clothing.

    Come on Selsdon management team more notice and consideration to parents woils the go amiss

  15. Hi
    Is this starting tomorrow in year 5 as my daughter brought her kit home saying she has to wear it tomorrow? Yet it states on the blog this comes into prCtice from next week?

  16. Hi, can any colour tracksuit bottoms and any colour sweatshirt be used, or do they need to wear everything blue? Thanks

  17. Can the girls wear leggings for pe as the school tracksuit bottoms are no good if you have tall slim children …. to get the length they just fall down. Have you considered making sweats shirts to match the pe kits we can buy so they at least look smart on winter pe days instead of miss matched and untidy ….

  18. Hi, What happens on school photo days? Sibling and class photos.I definitely don’t want pics of my children in a scruffy pe kit as a memory to keep. School trips and dress up days? Do we then let them dress up and then take pe kit in with them? Pe kit was always in school as back up to wear if any accidents may occur which was handy. I think it’s a shame Seldon Primary have the smartest uniform locally and I think wearing a tracksuit to school portrays a very poor image. As always though a rule has been made and we will do as we are told.( wouldn’t have
    been so bad if we still had white polo shirts as smarter and cheaper to buy than the current ones)

  19. Good morning Toby,

    Thank you for your comments. During the colder months the children will be wearing their tracksuit bottoms and jumper or sweatshirt as they did during previous years during PE.

    Kind regards

    Lynsey Barnett

  20. Good morning Dom,

    Thank you for your comments. I apologise that the message only came out yesterday. I will post a reminder about the PE uniform to ensure that the children are wearing the correct colours.

    Kind regards

    Lynsey Barnett

  21. Can you please address my other points about the image this portrays for the school in the local community and the cost implications for parents. I only this morning saw 2 Selsdon students walking to school on my way to work in a mish-mash of tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts and cardigans combined with trainers. They looked scruffy to say the least. I for one dont want my child to present themselves in this manner and want them to take pride in their appearance.

    kind regards


  22. Good morning Vickie,

    Thank you for your comments.

    Just to confirm, when the children have PE they will wear their PE kit to school that day and will not need to bring in their uniform.

    Kind regards

    Lynsey Barnett

  23. Good morning Miss A,

    The children will still need to wear the same colour tracksuit as they have done previously – which is Royal blue, Navy blue or black. I shall post a reminder to parents about the PE kit uniform later today.

    Kind regards

    Lynsey Barnett

  24. Good morning Sam,

    The children will need to wear Royal blue, Navy blue or black tracksuit tracksuit bottoms in line with the uniform policy. I shall post a reminder about the PE kit later today.

    Kind regards

    Lynsey Barnett

  25. Hello Dom,

    We are taking all the comments from the parents into consideration. We shall be reminding the children and parents about the expectations of following the uniform policy in regards to both the school uniform and PE kit.

    Kind regards

    Lynsey Barnett

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