Sports Day!


Hello Selsdon parents and thank you for your patience whilst we’ve worked out the details!

We’re really excited for this year’s Sports Day at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre on Tuesday, 5th July and wanted to let you all know all of the arrangements!


KS1 & Early Years will be leaving school via coach @ 9am (activities will start at 10am)

KS2 will be leaving school via coach @ 11.30am

All children will have a picnic lunch at Crystal Palace between 12.00-1.00pm

KS2 activities will begin @ 1.15pm

KS1 & Early Years will return to school @ 1.00pm

KS2 can be collected from Crystal Palace, or will be returning to school @ 3.15pm

Parents are welcome to attend any/all of the events, and to join their children for lunch. There will be seating in the stadium. Children who normally have school dinners will be provided with a packed lunch.


Each class is likely to need a few parent volunteers, so if you are interested in helping out, please let your child’s class teacher know.

For parents who are unable to travel to Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, but want to attend, we are looking at the possibility of arranging shuttles back and forth for parents.

Please comment on the blog or email the school office if you need further information regarding the arrangements.





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  1. I would like to volunteer for the day and if possible would I be able to catch a life as I don’t drive. It’s also Hollys birthday that day would we be able to announce it at the stadium and wish her a happy birthday? It would really make her day.

  2. Hi Trina,

    Thank you for offering to volunteer. Volunteers will be able to travel on the coaches with their children, so a lift will be provided. We would be happy to announce Holly’s birthday, we’re trying to get our hands on the loudspeaker system at the stadium, so it will be heard by all!

    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Attie

    Thank you so much Holly will be so happy, I know it’s a huge ask but would they play happy birthday so we can sing to her? That would be amazing.


  4. I want to come but have to figure out how to arrange it with work. When you say ‘KS1 & Early Years will return to school @ 1.00pm’ is that leave Crystal Palace at 1pm or expect to be back at school around 1pm?

  5. Such a great experience for the kids but there is a logistical issue for parents with children in KS1 and KS2 in terms of watching their eldest children but needing to collect their younger children from school. Timings will inevitably stretch out. Could there be an arrangement for parents in this situation to have their children in KS1 stay with them at the stadium rather than return to school? Look forward to hearing from you. Linda

  6. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for your comment. We are making arrangements for exactly that, parents will be able to keep their younger children with them at the stadium if they sign them out with their class teacher. I hope this makes things easier!

    Best wishes,

  7. Morning, this sounds very exciting!
    Will younger siblings be allowed to attend? Eg those not at nursery yet.

    Many thanks

  8. Having not lived in the area long I have no idea where this is or whether it’s possible to park nearby, it is possible to get public transport? etc… could these details please also be given for those who have little knowledge of the area. Crystal Palace seems like a long way to go and of course I would love to be there to support both my children. What facilities are on site? What happens if it rains? I will have a 2 year old with me and I have a daughter in both reception and year
    3. Would I be able to get the shuttle with my 2 year old daughter if so how would that work?
    Many thanks

  9. Hello Cheryl,

    Thanks for your comments and I’m glad you’re excited to attend our Sports Day! It is possible to park in Crystal Palace Park, by the Sports Centre, and also possible to get public transport. It’s very close to Crystal Palace train station, and Crystal Palace bus station is nearby as well.

    If you have children in both EYFS and KS2, you will be able to sign the younger child out and keep them with you at the event, so you will not have to return to school to collect your child and miss the end of Sports Day.

    You will be able to get the shuttle with your younger child, we are still finalising the details.

    There are plenty of facilities on site at the National Sports Centre, it is an operational centre so there are toilets/changing facilities etc. There is covered seating in the stands, so if it rains we will be covered.

    If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

    All the best,

  10. Hi, are the parents going to be able to follow there children round each event and cheer them on as we usually do at school sports days? Or will we have to sit in the stands and watch?

  11. Hello Lucy,

    We are trying to sort this so that the parents will be able to follow the children around the track whilst they do activities. It’s most likely to be a situation where the children will be doing activities around the track and the parents can stand on the edge of the track, following them around the outside.

    I hope this is helpful!

    Best wishes,

  12. Hello Casey,

    We’re trying to organise it so that the parents can follow their children around the track as they do each activity. Parents are welcome to watch from the stands if they would prefer. I hope this is helpful.

    Best wishes

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