Croydon Council – maximum 20mph community engagement

20mphOver the past year, the council has been working on a proposal to introduce a 20mph speed limit on all borough-controlled roads; the proposal does not include the main road network. In working towards this, the council divided the borough into five areas and is looking at an area at a time to seek the opinion of residents, businesses and organisations in the area.

 Last year, the council sought opinion from those residing in the north Croydon area. The majority of those that responded from the area gave their support for the maximum 20mph proposal, following which the council carried out all the necessary regulatory requirements before giving the final approval in February of this year. The implementation of the north Croydon 20mph proposal is now likely to be completed in the summer.

 The council is now doing the same for the north-east of the borough. Residents, businesses and organisations in the area should have recently received a newsletter – 20 MPH Newsletterexplaining the proposal and what they need to do to give the council their opinion.  All those in the north-east Croydon area are encouraged to fill out the online questionnaire before the deadline of 20 May. The council will then analyse responses to see if sufficient support has been found to continue with the proposal. If sufficient support is found, the council will move to carry out a statutory consultation before deciding whether to implement the scheme.

The proposal information, questionnaire and frequently asked questions  are available online the Area 2 proposal page.  The link to the ‘Area 2’ proposal page can be accessed from .




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