Eggstravaganza competition – next Tuesday/Wednesday

The Easter Bunny is currently very busy decorating eggs to give out next weekend. At Selsdon we want you to also get into the egg decorating spirit by entering our Eggstravaganza competition. There were some fantastic creations last year so we’re expecting big things once again.

The rules are as follows:

  1. you must use at least one hard boiled chicken egg;
  2. you can decorate the egg however you want (as long as it’s appropriate for a school setting);
  3. you must label your egg with your name and class;
  4. the funnier/punnier, the better;
  5. every entry gets a prize;
  6. adults (both teachers and parents) can enter too; and
  7. there will be a winner in each year group category.

In order to enter you must bring your completed egg to school on Tuesday 22nd March 2016. That evening the eggs will be placed on display in the main hall – with the complete gallery available to view by children and parents alike straight after school on the Wednesday. Year group prizes will be awarded either on Wednesday morning (after the judges have seen all entries).

You can base you egg design on films, TV, jokes, art, school – pretty much anything you want to be honest. The important thing is to take part and have fun.

Happy decorating!



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