Thought for the week: What can we do to help our community?

Year 5 have been doing some work on working within the community. They would like us to do something as a school in order to raise money and have come up with three suggestions. They would love to canvas your views on this with the poll below.

We would also love to hear your thoughts as to why you made your choice using the comments below.


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Heavers Farm Primary

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  1. I have chose laughs for your heart because people in the hospital aren’t very well and they need some cheering up by somebody.

  2. I chose snack and chat because I want there to be a cafe for people so we can welcome other people and tell them all about our lovely school!😃

    I think it should be a nice cafe and no rude people can join the cafe. I think it will be quite fun for elderly people and some parents + there children and other adults to hang out with each other and, get to know each other😋

    it will be so amazing to become best friends forever/BFF!! 🌸
    like a dog and there owner👩🏼🐶. 😉

  3. I vote for laughs for your heart because there are children who have been in hospital not being out having fun with their friends

  4. I have voted for laughs for your heart because my mum works in hospice for people who are nearly dieing so I think would be nice if they have a chance to experience a performance

  5. I am choosing the community garden because peolpe whith out fruit and food can die also it is not nice having someone die you will feel sorry for them.

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