The Deca Tree

I was just wondering Year 5, were the methods you thought of useful? What did you find out?

Selsdon year 5

Year 5 have been doing a lot of investigating in Maths recently, with an emphasis on explaining our thought processes as we go. Yesterday, we explored the ‘Deca Tree’ problem, which had us scratching our heads and pulling some strange faces! If you want to have a go at home, here’s the problem:

In the forest there is a Deca Tree.
A Deca Tree has 10 trunks.
On each trunk there are 10 branches.
On each branch there are 10 twigs.
On each twig there are 10 leaves.

One day, a woodcutter came along and cut down one trunk from the tree.
Then he cut off one branch from another trunk of the tree.
Then he cut off one twig from another branch.
Finally, he pulled one leaf from another twig.

How many leaves were left on the tree?

Comment below and share your answer! We took ‘snapshots’ of our…

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