Swimming Gala

swimming-pool.jpgOn Wednesday, after two lots of swimming trials, 18 children from years 3 to 6 represented Selsdon Primary at the preliminary swimming gala at South Norwood swimming pool.  Overall we managed to get two first places (Adam Lorenz-Dobuch and Ashleigh Armitage) as well as 7 second places too, so we are waiting to see if any of the children have made it through to the next round!

The children were:

Skye Hannon, Maisie Field, Charley-Mae Elston,Patrick Turner, GianMarco Rodriguez, Nathan Russell, Emily Kujtimi, Amy Hill, Felipe Rodriguez, Adam Lorenz-Dobuch, Alexander Petrov, Benjamin Abubekr, Lewis Vale, Charlie Turner, Ashleigh Armitage, Toby Swash, Abbie Kentfield and Jessica Williams.

Well done to you all, you should be very proud of how well you did.

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  1. Well done team Selsdon!
    I would have loved to see a picture of the team. I wanted to take one but we were sitting in the gallery and it was quite far.
    Mr. Feitor and Miss Hart did a fantastic job with the children, got them on time and they all behaved really well
    The team did really well, however it would be great if they have a Tshirt or swimming hat that identified them as being from Selsdon, like some schools had. Also, there were children who were swimming in beach wear, which was not really appropriate for the competition. Hopefully next year we get more notice and have the possibility to get more organised.

  2. I completely agree, the team did so well having no practice at all, many of the other teams have been practising for a good few months and were a lot more prepared for the gala.
    Team hats and Tshirts would be a great idea to inhance team spirit and help everybody recognise who is in there team !

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