Exciting times at Selsdon Primary

As part of the season of good will and happiness, we are excited to announce that we will be giving all children a new P.E. t-shirt free of charge to celebrate the holidays. Each child will be given a t-shirt matching their house colour, which will enhance their engagement with their house through things like competitive games in P.E. lessons and make them stand out at Sports Day. The t-shirts also contain the school’s postcode so they are personalised especially for Selsdon Primary School, which will give the children a great sense of Selsdon identity.

Take a look at the brilliant design below – we look forward to seeing your child in their bright new t-shirt in the upcoming Spring term PE lessons.

From 1st January 2016, this will be the compulsory PE kit, along with navy or black tracksuit bottoms or their usual blue shorts/tracksuit bottoms.

Spare or replacement t-shirts will be available at www.wovina.com.

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Look out for more exciting new uniform news in the Spring term.


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  1. If you are thinking of making big changes to the uniform, please could parents be consulted first. I love the current uniform – it is the smartest primary school uniform around this area and the jumper colour and logo and tie stand out, in a positive way. Thank you

  2. I’m liking the new PE t-shirts And good to see that they are just appropriate for Selsdon primary and not linked to Heavers Farm.

  3. Thank you for the t shirts, glad they are Selsdon only. Although prefer polo shirts, look smarter and keep their shape better.

    I do hope the new uniform announcements purely Selsdon too, the badge is important as is the blue, I was a pupil at Selsdon and has been blue since then and before.

    Also I am hoping fosp aren’t funding this, as a parent I believe other issues are far more important. CCTV and the lift should really be a priority in my eyes. Or maybe lockers.


  4. Hiya,

    Firstly your clickable link is not working.

    Nice shirt,

    Great idea changing uniform half way through the year without consultation or notice.

    Minutes for meetings in advance / after ?

    Please don’t forget that schools are supposed to ensure that all uniform is available easily and cheaply through multiple sources and going down a bespoke design does not fall into that category.in any way shape or form.

    Notice to changing a uniform as with school hours, also has to be given in advance , and changing a uniform PART WAY through a year doesn’t not make very much sense (except if you are selling the uniform) and at a time of year when many are stretched paying for Christmas as well ?

    Lovely as splitting everyone into 4 different tops so they cant even go between the same family members is, wearing the coloured bibs over easily available from many sources white tops has worked perfectly well in the past and hasn’t affected the children’s enjoyment of partaking in events.

    Any one with thoughts on this short notice change should make their thoughts known to their governors through the link on the blog site and await their replies.

    (Nice to see them at the recent parents evening too)

    Merry Christmas


  5. Hiya,

    A good use of £450?

    Can’t check the price of the uniform directly as it isn’t available from the link, or from a search on the website linked to independently..

    Mail order uniform is not cost effective, and cashback deals are to be discouraged according to governments own advice on uniforms.

    It’s a slippery slope.


  6. Oh I am glad, thank you for the reply!
    Reading Ian’s comments I have tried the link, it isn’t working. I am sure they will be more than £10 for 2. Whereas this yr I paid between £4-£6 for 2.

    Also I buy 2 pe tops at the start of every year and take pe kit home weekly, 1 top in wash/ironing pile and 1 at school.

    Can we have a leaniency on the proper uniform to white t shirt (previously had) or new top until the end of year. I may seem fussy but My daughter is always smart and clean. This how I would like her to remain.


  7. I can’t wait to see all the SPS athletes wearing these new t-shirts for all of the sports competitions these year. Now we have the kit to match Selsdon’s fantastic sporting ability.

    We’ll be the envy of all the other schools when we show up in our smart PE kit. Mr Ming and I will have to get ourselves one each so we can match our teams!

    Let’s go Selsdon!

  8. Hi Ian, can you advise where on the blog you can find governors as yes i wish to contact them to make my thoughts known but cant see where to. Thanks

  9. We all was concerned that there would be a change in uniform when it was first put forward for a federation and we was told via this blog that if there was any change to the uniform the school would foot the bill for any changes, that parents would be consulted re any changes and we would not be out of pocket. And here we go the changes to the uniform starts here….

    1 PE shirt per child is not enough as we need at least 2 for any accidents and to allow for washing and drying. One in wash and one in PE bag.

    i normally buy 2 PE shirts for £4 from Local retailer….Are these new tshirts going to be as afordable!! The school is not helping by now giving us more items of clothing that we can only buy via school or specialist outlets.

    How will these work with regards to being able to hand uniform down to siblings in lower years. Would all need to be in same house group to be able to do this.

    Why was we not consulted with regards to these changes. Is putting post code on uniform actually warrantied or a good idea. And its so much easier (and cheaper) to replace a white pe shirt than one of these new looking ones.

  10. Hiya,


    If you need to contact the Governance Manager, the Chair or Vice Chair you can reach them by:

    Telephone: 020 8653 5434 and speak to any of the office staff. Please give them your name, and telephone number and an indication of the best time to contact you. They will pass your message on to the relevant person.

    Email to office@heaversfarm.croydon.sch.uk with ‘Governor Enquiry’ in the subject line. The office will forward your email immediately.

    Post please address your letter to the relevant person:

    c/o Heavers Farm Primary School

    58 Dinsdale Gardens

    London SE25 6LT


  11. I totally agree with Ian on this subject.

    Although it is non-statutory guidance, the Department for Education expects schools to take full account of the published guidance relating to best practice on developing school uniform policy, the most recent published in September 2013.

    There are currently 584 children on the school roll from reception to year 6. These new t-shirts cost £4.50 EACH meaning an initial outlay of around £2,628?! And yet classrooms are going without basic equipment, such as adequately sized chairs and aprons, not to mention without class teachers for one day a week too.

    Out of the 584 pupils on the school roll, 181 of these pupils recieve pupil premium, meaning they come from low income families. That is 31% of the total school that will be pushed further into financial hardship by the un-consulted change in compulsory uniform.

    The new t-shirts cost £4.50 EACH. The average cost of two shop bought polo shirts. But on top of this, a hard strapped parent will have to pay £2.50 for delivery charge of one t-shirt too.

    If it is so important for the children to have a strong identity with Selsdon, which is the reasons given for the change in P.E KIT, then why is this a total contradiction to the talk of the main uniform changing in April to the very same as Heavers Farm?

    The school governors are in charge of deciding the schools uniform policy, so I’m intrigued as to why they have yet again, shoehorned in an important school policy without consulting parents, maybe it is because the parents are so poorly represented in the governing body, with parent governors making up the minority and not the majority as it should be, we as parents are the most important voices and are the ones who will only ever act in the best interests of our children.

    If one of the 10 headteachers across both schools, or one of the other 6 or so managers could take some time away from their ‘meetings’ to answer these valid parental concerns it would be much appreciated, ideally before Christmas and which includes an explanation as to why this change in uniform is considered 1) important 2) necessary and 3) good for those 181 financially hard pushed families who have uniforms they could of passed down which now cannot and whose children the school are happy to receive £1320 extra funding per child for, which I can only assume goes on the ever growing senior leadership including ‘new’ management roles, as it’s not going on basic equipment or classroom teachers in every class for a full 5 days a week.

    I hope one of us concerned parents get a response sooner rather than later.


  12. Dear Ian,

    The governors have a role to play in complaints, once all of the steps in the complaints policy have been addressed. In order to address your concerns, it would be much more effective to meet with Mrs. Parker, the Head of School, so that you have the opportunity to share you concerns and find a positive solution. Here is a link to the complaints policy , which is also available on the blog. I will speak to Mrs. Parker now and ask her to contact you to arrange a meeting.

    Whilst we welcome the thoughts and views of our school community on the blogs, they are not a place to lodge complaints against the school. This is why we have a complaints policy.

    Best wishes,


  13. Dear Emma,

    Thank you for your message. It is a shame that you feel so strongly against the new t-shirts, as the feedback from staff is that the children absolutely love them.

    I will answer each of your points in turn.

    The school was able to buy the t-shirts at a big discount, because we bought in bulk. Therefore, the cost to the school was less than you suggest. We appreciate that many of our parents are in financially challenging situations which is why we have provided the first PE t-shirt free. The t-shirts are also available from the school office, so if parents prefer to buy them from there, there will not be a delivery charge.

    As you know, since joining Selsdon Primary, I have worked tirelessly to improve all aspects of the school. This includes drastically improving the quality of teaching, which has led to a significant improvement in pupil outcomes, and the first good Ofsted inspection in over ten years. I have also introduced a programme of improvements to the school premises and grounds. We have been gradually renovating and improving the fabric of the school buildings, and the equipment. We have improved the club and PE provision, all for the benefit of the pupils. Now we have completed the bulk of the renovation works, we have planned to replace the furniture in the classrooms. We are currently in the process of doing so. We are working closely with the parents, via FOSP, to improve the resources available to the children.

    We have not consulted the parents/staff/pupils on a uniform change, as we felt that a change of the PE t-shirt alone was not significant. If we do consider any significant changes to the uniform, then of course, we will follow the DfE guidance. We have not said that we are changing the uniform in April, I am not sure where this information has come from?

    The governors have not ‘shoe-horned’ in a new policy, we have changed the PE t-shirt. The make up of the governing body is in line with DfE guidance which states:
    The governing body must not be smaller than seven members, and must include:

    • at least two parent governors;
    • the headteacher unless the headteacher resigns as a governor;
    • one, and only one, staff governor;
    • one, and only one, local authority governor; and
    The governing body may appoint as many additional co-opted governors as they consider necessary

    Our Pupil Premium reports, detail exactly what our PPG funding is used for in school. None of this money is used to fund teacher (which includes leadership) salaries.

    We do not have ten Headteachers. The leadership team at Selsdon Primary is very small; it has increased at Heavers Farm, because the school increases in size each year as the school is expanding year on year. We also have a number of staff who work across the Federation, which has saved money, as we are only paying one salary, rather than two.

    It would be helpful if you could make an appointment to meet with Mrs. Parker to discuss your concerns, rather than post them on the blog. The blog should not the right forum for parental complaints. We have a complaints policy for this. This will ensure that your concerns are dealt with in a proper way.

    Best wishes,


  14. Hi guys,

    I am following the post so I get e-mail alerts and have read all of your comments.

    I may or may not agree with all you are saying but I actually do agree with some posts being removed.

    Children from the school regularly go on the blog. My daughter included! Although she may not understand all of what you have written I don’t think it is good for her eyes.

    Maybe just maybe posts have been removed for this reason?


  15. I don’t think appropriate that children see adults, putting down their school or their head teachers/leadership.

    I have voiced an opinion above on the t shirts.

    If the children like them then that’s that, yes the school also needs other items. But name me a public school that doesn’t?

    I don’t agree with everything the school does but no do I agree with everything my boss does, or sainsburys or next etc…

    You have voiced your opinion and because you didn’t like the reply it has turned into a heated discussion. I am glad my daughter won’t see!

    I personally wish teaching was about teaching and not all the rest. I am sure most teachers would agree! The political side of things winds me up!

    The t shirts are done and again thank you for the free t shirt. Move on and accept it, be gracious it will make life a lot easier. It’s done and you can’t change it.

    Children moan about teachers a lot and god I know it! Let’s not give them more to complain about. Let them be and enjoy life. Let them be happy without reading these comments.

    I don’t have a problem with any being removed. Including this one.

    So glad there aren’t seperate adult/Childrens bloggs it would be like a sitcom. Yes that comment was a little below the belt but a grain of truth in there.

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