Christmas Card delivery

christmas cards

Well done to all the families that ordered the Christmas cards – you raised £201.50 for the school.  FOSP worked hard this morning to hand out everything that had been delivered, so you should have bought your cards / paper / tags home tonight.


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  1. Very disappointed. My daughter handed her card design in the day after they were given out and hasn’t had her cards back. I gave the £5 into the office. I hope she will be getting her cards and will not be let down. She is very excited to send her cards to her family!Fosp were meant to call me this afternoon and i’m yet to get the call! I do hope her cards have not been lost or the money misplaced!!

  2. Very disappointed. My daughter said everyone had their cards but she didn’t get her’s. I called the office and they said Fosp will call me. Still no call. I gave her £5 into the office. My daughter gave her design in the day after they were given out. She was so exited to send them out to her family. I do hope the money and has not gone missing and her design didnt get lost!!

  3. Thank you. I appreciate that,sorry to send the message twice. My signal went yet it had been sent. I will come into the office monday afternoon.
    (Gracie Mercer hedgehog class year1)

  4. Hi Natalie, I am Donna the chair of Fosp and I did get a message Friday after school, I am dealing with the matter but did not have the chance to call you. I have checked all the original paperwork and also contacted the print company to try and sort this out. I need to check the other classes to make sure the cards were not Misplaced. Please leave it with me as I’m sure you will appreciate I am limited to what I can do over the weekend whilst the school is closed. I will be in school early Monday to deal with this and rest assured we will make sure grace has her cards. Many thanks

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