Christmas Card Orders

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If your child handed in their Christmas Card design a few weeks ago, they should have bought home an order form tonight.  On the back of the order form are pictures of what the cards, thank you notes, gift tags and wrapping paper would look like.

If you wish to order any of the products, please return the form and payment to the school office by Monday 9 November.


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  1. Did the Xmas card request slips go out this afternoon? It’s just that I got one of my child’s in the book bag but my other child in morning nursery didn’t have theirs. So I wondered if they only got dispatched to the classrooms this afternoon?

  2. Hi, can you let me know if Deer class had their order forms given out yet, I don’t seem to have had one and don’t want to miss the deadline, I’ve seen my daughters and it looks fantastic what we can order this year 🙂

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