Start of year update


Hello everyone and welcome back!

I hope that you and your family have all had a great summer.


We have been working hard over the holidays to make sure that we are all ready for the start of term and another successful year. This year we have introduced year group blogs, rather than class blogs. These are all being finished off as we speak. Please have a look at your child(ren)’s year group blog and sign up for updates. If you enter your email address on the ‘follow this blog’ button on each blog, you will receive an email update every time something is posted onto that blog.


At Heavers Farm we have just finished work on the two, temporary, Year 5 classrooms. They are brand new, and very spacious. They are based on the edge of the field, just outside Year 1. We expect these classrooms to stay in place for the next two years whilst we wait for the permanent extension to be built. You might notice that the installation of these two classes has caused some damage to our field. We have already put plans in place to re-turf the most damaged areas so that we can have the field back in use as soon as possible.


At Selsdon Primary, we have replaced the floors in both Year 1 and Reception. We have also finished renovating the toilets in both of these year groups. We are now ordering new furniture for these classrooms and are hoping that FoSP are going to fund new outdoor equipment for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.


Following feedback from you on our recent parent questionnaires, we have taken away detentions for a number of things. We will be posting up the new Behaviour Policy in the next couple of days. All staff have undertaken training in our updated Behaviour Policy to ensure consistency across the schools.


We have made a number of changes to the leadership team across the Federation. Jo Read is now the Deputy Executive Headteacher and will be working with me to provide strategic leadership of both of our schools. We have a new Head of School at each school. Dan McCormack is the Head of School at Heavers Farm and Shelley Parker the Head of School at Selsdon. Our Heads of School are responsible for the day to day leadership of each school. Many of you know them both already as they have both been working at our schools for some time. They will both be out and about both before and after school so that you can get to know them.

At Selsdon Primary we have a new Deputy Headteacher, Lynsey Barnett. She joins Kate Jenkins, Deputy Headteacher and SENCo. Kate Jenkins has very kindly offered to delay her retirement and stay with us for another year. She will be working with us for two days a week.

At Heavers we have two Deputy Headteachers, Rachel Evans and Rodney Reid. We also have two Assistant Headteachers, Sarah Faulding and Cathy Ferri, who is also our SENCo.


We now have a number of staff who are employed to work across the Federation and who are based at both schools. Rachel Henry is our Acting Federation Extended Schools Manager. She is responsible for managing all club provision for the Federation. Attie Copeman-Papas is our Federation Data Manager. She is responsible for the analysis of all data, PPA provision, timetabling and sports provision. Les Persaud, Senior IT Manager, manages all IT provision. Scott Greenbrook, Senior Site Manager, co-ordinates and manages both school sites. Erica Ruse-Whalley is our School Counsellor, she provides counselling and therepeutic support to children at both schools.


Thank you everyone who took the time to complete these. We have put the results to these in Feedback menu above. We have summarised what we are doing in response to the issues that your raised. You can click here for the Heavers survey results and here for the Selsdon survey results.

We are really looking forward to the year ahead and to seeing you all again tomorrow.

Ms. Papas

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  1. Hi Ms Papas, i hope you had a lovely summer break. Just a question i would like answered please…i understood from when you took over selsdon primary that you stated parents could accompany children to their classrooms in the mornings if they wished. My little girl had a TA approach her at playtime today and say to my daughter that she saw me taking her to her classroom this morning and that my duaghter knows full well this had to stop at year four!

    Firstly, i would like to say that i was not aware of this and cant find anywhere that states parents can only accompany their children to classroom until year four.

    Secondly, my daughter has issues with coming to school and i have trouble getting her to school every day and by walking her to her class helps get her with this. Mrs Hill the TA for my childs class understands this and is really good with the hand over process at the classroom door. If i was not able do this then we would have a very distraught child which would not help her with regards to her education and wellbeing.

    Thirdly, the TA that approached my daughter is not her class TA (she was her TA last school year) and i feel if she has a problem with this she should not have approached my daughter but instead spoken to myself. The TA in question had the opportunity to do so when i walked past her on the way to my daughters class and again when i was leaving the school. I feel that this is not right and it could be detrimental to my daughter that now she feels she is being singled out and also this TA knows full well the situation with my daughter as we have spoken about it in the past year and she has seen first hand how distraught my daughter is when coming to school. I also feel that all the hard work that has been put in to getting my daughter to come to school and knowing that its not a bad place could be knocked side ways by someones immature comments and from someone that should know better. I cant understand how some TA’s can be so well-coming and helpful and others are not.

  2. Hello Jacquie,

    I am sorry to hear this. I will pass your message on to Mrs. Parker (Head of School) straight away so that she can sort this out for you first thing tomorrow morning.

    With best wishes


  3. Thank you Ma Papas. I thought I would contact you in the first instance as you was the one that allowed parents into the school. I did not collect my daughter from school as i would have dealt with this at home time. I also do not know who the head of school is as i have not met her. She needs to wear a big badge saying head teacher then we would all be able to spot her lol as at mo she is just another face in the playground.

  4. Hi – just read this and it is a common theme that many parents are unaware of who the leadership team are. Can I put forward a suggestion for a Leadership team blog – or ‘Meet the Leadership team’ page? It has worked so well for the Year group blogs and would make a complete set of staff faces to put to names.

  5. I totally agree that this would be a goid idea, as i for one am unable to put a face to a name where leaderships are concerned.

  6. Hi just wondered when the new behavioural policy will be added to the blog? It said in the next few days but that was last week. It would be nice to know the “what’s what” so that the kids and parents know. Thanks.

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