Holiday homework

You are going to be in a new class from 7 September 2015.  Your optional Summer holiday homework task is to look at the name of your new class and find out as much as you can about it. In Selsdon the classes are all named after UK based animals. In Heavers Farm the classes from years 1 to 6 are all named after gemstones.

You could perhaps create a poster or a presentation to bring in to school with you on 7 September. Alternatively, it would be great to see some interesting facts about your animal/gemstone posted up on the new year group blogs (yes, the year group from each school will be sharing a blog this year – I’ll be posting these up and linking to them on each school site soon).

Have a great summer.

Mr McCormack


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Heavers Farm Primary

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  1. Why year group blogs now…that will be a pain as will have to troll through other classes stuff to get to our class stuff, i think this is ridiculous…

  2. Reblogged this on Hedgehogs 2015/16 and commented:
    Here is the whole school optional summer holiday homework I mentioned in my last post. What can you find out about hedgehogs? What do you already know? We must be able to find out some fascinating facts together.

    You will see that this post says we will be having year group blogs rather than individual class blogs next year. I am investigating this now and will keep you all updated.

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