Staffing/Class Arrangements for September 2015

Executive Headteacher: Susan Papas

Deputy Executive Headteacher: Jo Read

Head of School: Shelley Parker

Deputy Headteacher: Lynsey Barnett

Deputy Headteacher/SENCo: Kate Jenkins

We thought that this year we would continue the class names that we already have in Nursery, Reception and Year 1. We have chosen a range of British animals for the names of our classes.

  Current Class New Class Teacher
YN New intake Fox Cubs Zoe Hume
YR New intake Butterfly Mandy Cheetham
YR New intake Bumblebee Serena Neary
YR New intake Ladybird Nimra Rana
Y1 Bumblebee Badger Debs Hawkes
Y1 Butterfly Squirrel Kahli Huse
Y1 Ladybird Hedgehog Nikki Gomulka – Federation Year Group Leader
Y2 Hedgehog Owl Molly McCullough
Y2 Squirrel Robin Charli Desai
Y2 Badger Dove Hugo Feitor
Y3 2G Deer Kamala Dodd
Y3 2P Stag Suzi Grove
Y3 2SF Fox Emma Collier – Federation Year Group Leader
Y4 3H Seal Will Harper Penrose
Y4 3M Porpoise Haley Anderson
Y4 3G Dolphin Seden Yilmaz
Y5 4Y Puffin Kym Huet
Y5 4S Cormorant Justin Tardivo
Y5 4C Heron Nicola Kirk
Y6 5C Kestrel Jess Kelley – Federation Year Group Leader
Y6 5W Eagle Carly Mould
Y6 5P Hawk Andy Crickett


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Executive Headteacher

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  1. I’ve just got my son out of bed to tell him who his new teacher is, we got a ‘woohoo’ so I think he’s pleased with Mr Feitor!
    I wonder if anyone else had to Google what a Comorant is….?

  2. Reblogged this on 5P and commented:
    The wait is finally over 5P. The Eagle has landed. I hope you’ll inspire Miss Mould as you have me.

  3. Is Mr waters leaving he isn’t on the staffing list for next year. Such a shame if he is as he is a good teacher

  4. Reblogged this on Class 5C 2013 and commented:
    So there you are, 5C! Don’t think you could ask for a better result than that!!

    It’s been a honest pleasure to teach you all year… but as I’m in Year 6 too, I’ll still see you for lessons later on in the year!

    You haven’t QUITE escaped me yet… Bwahaha!!

  5. Its a shame Butterflies wont get to meet their new teacher before the start of term in Sept

  6. How exciting to have a new teacher like Mrs Huet I wonder how Mrs Huets like but the most thing I can rememer aout Mrs Yilmaz is her smiling !!!!! 😊1,000 years later 😊 1000000000000 years later still smiling!!!
    HAPPY 2016 !!!!!

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