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  1. I am not in favour for going to a school without rules because the children would mess about ,run in the corridors , bully each other and this would result in people getting hurt ,emotionally and physically. We need rules because otherwise we will end up nowhere in life that’s in front of you. We would have no job because we weren’t taught because there was no rules so we did not have to learn. This way we could not get a job to then earn the money we need. This is the reason why we need a school with rules to make us learn and educate us.

  2. This would not be good, because everyone would be non-educated and people would being messing round and they would not get told off which means they will grow to know they are allowed to do that. 😑
    On the over hand it would be good, to just have one day of fun and relaxing but not everyday of your primary school life.
    No I would not like a school with no rules. 👎👎🏿

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