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    Channel 4 made a programme about this… It was scary! It made me want to keep a generator and a can of petrol under the stairs! What do you think 5P?

  2. We have to make light, but it would be very difficult to find out how to!
    I’m not sure I could cope!!!!!!!

  3. If you have no electricity there’s no point of looking at the box because your not going to play on it.

  4. Hi Aaliyah I am not sure how children can make up games and things that grown-ups should do well if that’s what you say the kids in the oldern days are very intelegent!!!!!!!!!


  5. I couldn’t even sing this without electricity because we need electricity on a TV , ipad ipod , computer , laptop and this is what I wouldn’t be able to sing without all of these electronics :LALALALAALALALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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