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  1. I agree because it breaks one of our school rules and it isn’t very nice either and they might end up in hospital. You shouldn’t hurt anybody.

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    I don’t think there is ever a need to cause physical pain to another person, but sometimes hurting someone’s feelings is unavoidable. The truth hurts… As they say. What do you think 5P?

  3. i agree because when you hurt someone you are doi g the wrong thing and your the one thats going to get in trouble so why dont you be the good one youve always had to be

  4. I think its not nice to hurt people because you’re being a bully and nobody will like you when you’re older

    From Molly 5W

  5. you should not hurt anybody because you need to keep your hands and feet to your self because you will get into big trouble

  6. I think you shouldn’t hurt somebody if someone does something to you because you can tell them to stop,and if they don’t stop you can tell a teacher.But I think you have the right to hurt somebody if someone is repeatedly hurting you for no reason and not stopping when you tell them to stop.

  7. I think that it is wrong yo hurt someone in anyway phisical or just by what you say . If you hurt someone phisically that is just wrong but if you ever hurt some one in any way the only thing that you could possibly do is appologise and dont do it again .

  8. If you hurt somebody by bumping into them and they fall over it was by accident and you need to apologize but if you hurt them purposeful then must not do it again

  9. I think it is wrong to hurt somebody on purpose.If you are angry at that person then tell your teacher and he/she may work out the situation for you.Don’t let your temper get the best of you.If you hurt someone by accident you always say sorry.

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