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    When I was born, my Grandfather wanted me to be called Alexander… So he called me Alexander, despite the fact that my name is and always has been William. It didn’t give me an identity crisis, but I was only a baby! I think there is a lot in a name. What do you think 5P?

  2. You would be the same person but if you had an evil name like Zurg or Verucca, you might be a bit bad. If you had a nicer name like Jess, you might behave more nicely.

  3. I think yes because if my name was not chloe that would of ment i will not of had the same personalety or i would not be the person who i am now.

  4. you might not be different because i am sameer and if my name was Alex i will be doing the same thing because names do not effect your life

  5. I think you would because each name has a diffrent personality!
    My name means wisdom,
    Sarah means princess,
    Michael means gift of god.
    Thats all I know! I think if my name was Joanna or Maisie ect ect I think I would be soooo diffrent!
    It really depends what your name means, and how you behave!
    So yes,
    I think you would be diffrent if you had a diffrent name!

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