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  1. Yes, because then they can look after the planet and if something is wrong they can tell us. There could be a problem with the sun or the earth and we could warn people.

  2. I think so because of a lot of the products that we use in our daily lives were invented by NASA in order to further the exploration of space:

    Some of their awesome inventions include:

    Water filters
    Memory Foam
    Infra-red ear thermometers
    Artificial limbs
    Scratch-resistant lenses
    Space blankets
    Freeze drying.
    Cordless tools
    Smoke detectors

  3. i think that it is important because its there mission to see the planets to find out the awnser to a very mestrious question 🙂

  4. The resources on earth are finite and at the rate we are consuming them they will soon run out. We need to find alternatives or move out to other moons or planets and use the natural resources there. Mrs Smith 2SF

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