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  1. 2P say:
    You need after yourself so you don’t get hurt. Remember:
    1. Don’t touch fireworks
    2. Never go near a lit firework
    3. Wear gloves if you are going to hold a sparkler
    4. Keep a bucket of water nearby at all times

  2. you should keep yourself safe on bonfire night by getting a grown up to be with you when you are doing it.Maybe if you are not careful,you might get an accident or you will really get hurt or possibly damage the fireworks!

  3. You should follows these rules because if you dont and ignore every rule you see ,bad stuff will happen 😦
    ps: have fun if you are going I know I am.
    Tianna heavers farm.

  4. You should always be with a adult when doing fireworks and also do not go near or touch a firework because you could extremely hert yourself.

  5. Don’t forget, if you build a bonfire and then leave it for a few hours before lighting it… A hedgehog might make it its home. To be safe, don’t build a bonfire… But if you do, don’t give any animals the chance to sneak inside!

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