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  1. I think you should never tell a stranger your postcode,phone number,passwordand your age.
    Don’t use your real name in your username and don’t arrange to meet someone you don’t know

  2. Well, you should never share personal stuff like your name, your address, your phone number and never try to meet up with anyone, just never write back to them or you could just delete them off your list.

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    I keep all my social media set to private so strangers can’t see what I’m up to! What do you do to keep yourselves safe 5P?

  4. when you are on the internet and you are sending messages and things to them,then if they are being a lot or even a little bit rude,then do not answer their reply.Just do not ever reply back,or you can just block them.

  5. i think that you should never tell anybody you don’t know personal stuff about you and if you are worried tell an adult

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