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    I agree. This weekend, having discovered my 4 poster bed was too tall for my flat, I sawed the top off and rebuilt it! It was a challenge, but worth it!

  2. Ernest Shakleton was an Antarctic explorer and was made a knight by King Edward 7th. He solved lots of problems exploring. So I agree. Millie 3m

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    I agree, I punctured my front bicycle tyre on the way into school today. Instead of turning around and going home I repaired the puncture and got made it in to work.

  4. I agree. Also Ernest Shakleton, is a explorer but only with cold places!
    He would know that to become a good and wealthy person you must never give up, even through the toughest times it’s nice to know you tried and never gived up! As he did himself! He NEVER gived up even though it took him 2 years to do it! We all now think of saying to him, ( if he was alive.) CONGRATULATIONS AND WELLDONE!
    Sophie Ramsey 4Y

  5. I agree because if you give up straight away then you wont get to do anything in life and also waist your whole life so be like ernest shackelton

  6. emest shackleton must be a very brave man,it is good that he made people survive for two whole years/i bet that if he wasn’t in the world people would not want to go to wherever he was going…

  7. I AGREE , one of my difficulties in life was when I was doing laps in the field but I had overcome my difficulty by running more and keeping my pace !!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀

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