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  1. I said to someone “you can do it” . The person felt they were not capable of doing something and I felt they were capable.

  2. I help an old man in the Library and I felt good, we had a nice time chatting and did feel you can always learn from others, especially listening to elder people.

  3. Gemma’s daddy is recovering from a back op and is on crutches, limiting what he can do or carry. Gemma has asked ” Can I help you Daddy ?” and has carried things for him or passed things to him.

  4. Reblogged this on Class 4C 2014/15 and commented:
    Well done Judith for posting your comment. I wonder if it is Chloe from 4C who posted her comment below ? Come on 4C, can you give any examples of a kind thing you have said or done this week?

  5. It was Miss Yilmaz’s birthday a yesterday so nearly everyone either made a card, brought a card, made a present or brought a present for her.
    So I made a card, to make her day but since I wasn’t the only one I would like to nominate….
    Lara Alken,
    Adjiewaa Owusu,
    Harriette Watts,
    Rosa Shaw and last but not least …
    Yarah Shalarna! Sorry if I spelt any of those names wrong. Oh and me!
    ( Sophie Ramsey ) thank you.

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