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Just in case you missed the text that went out this week, I wanted to let you know that all of the new class blogs have been set up ready for the new year.  I have added links to all of the new blogs in the ‘Class Blog’ list on this page. Don’t forget to sign up on your child(ren)’s blog. Just find the ‘follow this blog’ button and enter your email address. This will mean that you receive an email every time the blog is updated. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, just click on the buttons on this page.

If you haven’t already signed up to this blog, why not do it now! 

The holiday homework is on all class blogs for Years 1 – 6. Nursery and Reception blogs have some links to number and story activities.

I am really looking forward to seeing you in September and hope that you and your family are having a great summer. 




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  1. My mummy said the wether is going to be hot next week and i wanted to know if i can wear summer uniform when i go back.

    Darcie-belle 2p

  2. Im not a happy mum….first day back at school and all the way to school (and last night) my daughter kept checking eith me that i was going to take her to her class room (like last year) and i reassured her that i would (she suffers with anxiety where school is concerned and being able to go with her to her class room in the mornings made this much easier on her) but no yet again the rules have been changed and without any prior notice….AND I WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY THANKS FOR THAT…. I this morning had a child that was a tad bit anxious but not too bad as she knew i would be going to the class room with her but this turned into a very anxious child when we was hit with having to line-up outside.

    Firstly, i do understand the reasoning behind this but it made it a lot easier for those of us that had children that are not too good at going to school to be able to walk them to there class. Please stop moving and changing the goal posts.

    Secondly, lining up outside is ok when the weather is dry but i will not be happy that my child will have to line up in all weathers, coats only keep a certain amount of rain out and it doesnt stop their legs and feet from getting wet, thus children will be getting cold and wet at the start of the school day and have to sit in class with wet clothes and socks/shoes. If at any point i bring my child to school and she is lining up getting wet…if i feel she is going to suffer due to having wet clothes/socks or shoes then i will be taking her out of the line and taking her back home as sitting in cold wet clothing would not be good for any childs health.

    Thirdly, walking our children to class rooms enabled parents to let teachers know if their was any problems or anything the teacher should be made aware of and yes this can also be done outside but again when it rains i personnaly do not want to be standing out in it getting soaked to queue up to have a chat with my daughters teacher.

    I was there at 8.30 today (i left early incase the traffic was bad from road works but it was not so arrived at school early), my daughter was one of the first there and spent 20+ minutes standing outside. I stayed and watched (along with many other parents) and watched teachers go along the line counting children, i assume that they was taking head counts to see if all the children had arrived. How long do they keep the children outside lining up to wait for children to arrive before they go to their class as children may be off for the day or be late. Again i feel this is not very good. And lastly this is 20+ minutes of children getting wet when weather is nit dry.

    Last years way was much better and can you please notify us in future of any changes that are going to affect our children and well in advance. Thankyou.

  3. Hello Jacquie,

    I wasn’t at Selsdon today so didn’t know this happened. I did not ask anyone to change the morning arrangements. I will contact Mrs. Read and find out why this was the case. It might be that the teachers came down to the playground today to meet their new class as it was their first day. I will ask Mrs. Read to find you in the morning so that she can have a chat with you about your concerns.

    Sorry about this.


  4. Hi there, we received the letter to say there will now be a third reception class. I was signed up to receive updates on butterflies as this was the class my daughter was in but I noticed on todays post neither her (Chloe A) or her best friend (Daisy) were in the photos or a video of the class singing. Am I right in assuming they will be in the new class together as I know my daughter would be most upset if they were split apart after just getting back together (they were split for settling in week)?

  5. Hello Cat,

    I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that, but I know who does! I will forward your message to Mrs. Read (Head of School) who will find this out for you and get back to you tomorrow.

    Best wishes


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