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  1. Definitely Cancer Research – a member of my family has had cancer treatment this year and has been part of some of the research programmes funded by charities like Cancer Research. That’s why I’m also running in the Race for Life – I’ll be doing the 10k at Lloyd Park on 13th July.

  2. Hello Jo,

    Thank you for this.

    You should send me a link to your ‘Just Giving’ page and I will publicise this for you on our school blogs.

    Best wishes


  3. 10,000 km?? That would be a miracle! I did the 5k there yesterday and it was tough as it was very hot. I admire anyone who did the 10k race so well done to you all! I raised £245 so that’s all adding up nicely for Cancer Research.

  4. Talking of Sports, can you tell me when Sports Day is at Selsdon and if reception classes take part? Thanks

  5. I am doing a sponsored cycle ride from Croydon to Paris starting on the 4th Aug, around 200 miles of cycling.

    We are raising money for Croydon Community Against Trafficking (CCAT) and
    also my church, St Francis.

    CCAT works to prevent trafficking of vulnerable people into the UK and my
    church St Francis is heavily involved in youth work on the Monks Hill estate.

    Sponsor me online! https://my.give.net/croydon2paris
    Peter Wyatt

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