Behaviour Policy and Homework Updates


Following feedback from our parents and carers during recent Parents Evenings we have made amendments to both our Behaviour and Homework procedures.


In response to your suggestions we have introduced a Yellow Card system. This means that when a child forgets their homework, reading diary, P.E. kit etc…for the first time each term they will not receive a detention, instead they will be given a Yellow Card which will be placed in their Reading Diary for you to see. This means that everyone gets a second chance.

Our updated Behaviour Policy is available on our School Policies and Forms page.


We have also listened to your feedback about homework. We have asked all teachers to do the following:

  • Collect homework books in on Wednesdays
  • Post homework on the class blog on Thursdays
  • Hand out homework books on Fridays

We hope that this suits more parents as we know that some parents prefer to get their children’s homework done during the week, and others over the weekend. We hope that with this arrangement, we can accommodate more parents.


Finally, we were also made aware that sometimes parents are finding their child’s Reading Diary unsigned or their homework not marked. In order to ensure that we are holding everyone properly to account we would ask that if this is the case, please contact the school office on 020 8657 4038 or and they will pass on your message to a member of the Leadership Team who will follow this up for you right away.

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  1. Sorry but this is ridiculous…even if homework is posted on the blog on Thursday we are still not getting the books until Friday after school so our children cannot effectively work in the books until then, so really the children are losing a day to actually work in their books…how can this be better.

    What about those that may not have access to the blog…such as through loss of internet, as we ourselves are moving house soon and have been told it will be at least a month before they can fit us in for our phone line to be sorted and thus no internet until then…so this is very unfair to children if their internet access is unavailable and also does every household have internet access to be able to view the blog or some parents may not have time to view the blog due to work and running a busy home, whereas it’s far easier to pick up their books and see their child’s homework than having to log onto a site to view it on a Thursday.

  2. Hello Jackie,

    Sorry to hear that this isn’t going to help. We are trying hard to work towards a solution that will suit parents as well as leaving enough time for teachers to collect in and look at everyone’s homework. We will be installing new computers in the refurbished entrance area to the school. These will be freely available so that parents and children can use them for situation such as this. In the meantime maybe you could speak to your class teacher and explain your circumstances, I am sure that they can resolve this for you.

    All the best.


  3. In my case it wouldn’t matter one way or the other about Internet access. It is now Sunday afternoon and my child’s class homework still hasn’t been posted on the blog. Let’s hope my daughter remembered to bring her homework book home!

  4. Hi Jackie,
    I see your point totally you do lose the day if you have no access to the blog.
    If my Children’s are actually posted on the blog they start to do research and map out ideas in rough so we don’t lose the day and then either write it up or stick their work into the homework book when it comes home.
    Perhaps in your case and those in a similar situation could have the homework written in their reading diary on the Wednesday?

  5. Just to let you know 3K’s homework was posted on the blog on Friday and has to be handed in on Wednesday so they have lost a day to complete their homework!

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