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  1. I think I’d miss orange the most. I like many things that are orange, such as; tangerines, carrots, the sun, my fiancees hair, clownfish and most of my powerpoints!

  2. Hello
    I think I wouldn’t miss any on the contraire I will love it in black and white. I wish this could happen😊😊

  3. i would miss green because we need a tree to survive and we would not have much grass and stuff like this even though my favorite color is Blue x

  4. I wouldn’t .I would miss all the colours because blue for the sky and sea and my mums favourite colour, pink for the flowers and my sisters favourite colour green for trees,leaves,grass and plants,yellow for the sun and my favourite colour
    and butter silver for the stars,brown for mud and trees and red because its my dads favourite colour.

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