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  1. I would change Schhool uniform because most people want own clothes to wear at school to show there personalty!!!
    But your just bored wearing school uniform!!!!!!

  2. The law I would change would be the law about how teachers can’t discipline children when they are rude or they are misbehaving in school.I would this law because every child needs to be disciplined

  3. I would make it compulsory for all would be dog owners to pass an exam before being allowed to undertake such a responsibility. This would rid the world of so called ‘dangerous dogs’ by ridding the world of ‘dangerous owners’ who are responsible for the neglect and poor care that can cause a dog to become nervous and unpredictable.

  4. The law I would change is instead of having a £50 note you could have a £million note too. By Adam 4B

  5. I know I’m late on commenting but adding on to that i think another law should be if you let your dog ‘foul’ in a place it’s not supposed to three times,the owner should get the dog conviscated from them as they are not responsible and respectful enough to take care of an animal!^.^

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