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teaHello Parents!

Just a brief note to let you know that myself and other representatives from the governing body will be on hand at the upcoming parents evenings to answer any questions you have about the governing body, the current situation at the school and take feedback. We will be located in the library inside the main doors, hopefully with some light refreshments so please join us for a cup of tea and a chat.

As you are of course aware there have been big changes at Selsdon over the last year, and that is set to continue. In addition, the governing body is restructuring and we’re on the lookout for skilled volunteers who can contribute to our ongoing work to continue improving the school and its performance.

Please stop by and have a chat to better understand what the governing body is there to do and how parents can interact to get the best for Selsdon Primary.

Mick Forteath, Chair of Governors.

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  1. Hello,
    I have just had my parent’s consultation with my child’s teacher and am very pleased with his levels of achievements. The meeting with the governors is a god idea and I had a chance to speak him too.
    After the meeting I was relieved that he understood my worries and seemed to be willing to better the situation. One of the main things we spoke about is the way punishments are being given the children for things which are not their fault. In particular My child was given a detention just after half term for my signature not being in his reading diary. On the first day back from the half term break. Agreed, I forgot once, for the first time, but my son was filling in this book every day in the holiday week with the pages he had read. It was heartbreaking. Looking in the diary we found that his teacher’s signature was not there either. Going back to her the teacher she said her TA was supposed to sign them. Oh, never mind. My son got punished… So The governor said that this is UNFORGIVABLE. Finally someone seems to listen and understand that this particular rule does not teach children anything. Instead it brings out the worst of them. And it was agreed that the school is supposed to be there not to teach parents how to be parents, but to make sure the children there are happy and content, striving to achieve their level best. And this rule should be used with a bit of common sense, especially when teachers have not done their bit. Same applies to the rule about late arrivals….
    Another very important matter, which was discussed with both, our class teacher and the governor is the spellings and how are they being thought now. As we are all aware the children are not learning them at home anymore and they are supposed to do them at school. The class teacher today told me that this is how the head wants them to do it. I asked HOW? So on Monday they spend half an hour filling out a spelling sheet. And then she is trying to look out for those words in their big writing. This is to me Mission Impossible and for 30 children there is no way she can manage to find the words and see if they have learned them. There is not even a spelling test now. And it is a worry. Any other school gives out spellings. The children need them please. The governor was surprised to hear that this was the situation with the spellings. He also wrote it down and seemed to be willing to look into it. He seemed to agree the urging need for the children to learn to know how to spell properly.
    Let’s just hope now that his little notes are not going to be just put away, but something will actually change in order to make those children happier and therefore encourage them to achieve higher standards.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  2. Hello Valentina,

    Thank you for taking the time to leave such a long message. I am glad that your child is making excellent progress and that you had a chance to celebrate this with their teacher. I appreciate that you might not agree with our behaviour policy, however, it has had an extremely positive impact on the school with the results that the behaviour of our children is consistently good, if not outstanding!

    The Chair of Governors, and other governors planned to be present at the Parent’s Evenings to meet everyone and introduce themselves. I will be seeing the governors next week to receive any feedback. However, I do need to make it clear that the governors’ role is not to receive complaints from parents but to support the strategic leadership of the school. Governors do not have a remit to manage the day-to-day issues in the school, that is my job. Governors are not education experts, they are lay people with a range of skills that support the overall leadership of the school. Therefore, they are not able to comment on specifics about school policies or education practice, this is the role of the leadership team. We do have a school’s complaints policy which enables parents to make sure that their complaint is dealt with swiftly, and by the right people. So the best way forward would be to speak to Mrs Read. I will ask her to contact you to make an appointment as soon as possible so that you can ensure that your concerns are addressed.

    I can see that there has been some confusing information going out about our spelling lessons and absence of spelling tests. What we were addressing was the constant testing of children’s spellings when no specific teaching of this had taken place. I am sure the teacher was trying to explain, in a simplified way, how they taught spelling each week so that you could gain a better understanding. I would disagree with you about the “Mission Impossible”. To teach a skill and then assess it for 30 children is the fundamental basis of all class teaching. If a teacher cannot do this, for something as straight forward as simple English spelling patterns, they have no place in a classroom. The teachers at our school are all excellent practitioners, who are very skilled in planning, assessing and giving feedback in all subjects. Mrs Read has already spoken to me about the questions you raised about spellings and we will be sending out more detailed information about this to all parents later on today.

    I am in agreement with you about the need to make sure that the children are enabled to be happy and to achieve the highest standards. This is the underlying principle of all of our school policies. It is important to ensure that all children understand and follow our rules, are well prepared for lessons, complete their homework, behave in a safe way and are respectful to each other. This way we can ensure that nothing gets in the way of their learning and they are able to make excellent progress.

    I hope that this addresses some of the issues you raised in your comment above and that you are able to meet with Mrs Read in the very near future so that we can find a quick and satisfactory resolution.

    Best wishes


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