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  1. I don’t think it is possible to stop thinking only because even if you don’t THINK your thinking you realy are.
    I guess when you die you could stop thinking! But even when your asleep your thinking about something like what to dream! Or what has been happening today so you can dream about it! (Same thing a little bit but you know)
    So no I do not think is possible to stop thinking!

  2. you cant stop thinking because when you are at school then you have to think every second.
    when you sleep you are still thinking about your dream.
    when you die then you might stop thinking.
    (so it is not possible to stop thinking unless the time you die)

  3. You can stop thinking because when you think of something and you have forgotten what to say sometimes your mind can go blank

  4. You can’t stop thinking because when your working you need to be thinking and you can stop thinking when you died but when your in heaven you can still be thinking you think in your dreams,when your working and when your in heaven so you can’t stop thinking . Bye.

  5. I don’t think it is possible to stop thinking because even if you try to not think, you can hear and see things, making you think about them. I don’t know if you stop thinking when you die, but I don’t believe that you can ever stop thinking.

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