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  1. I would wish for the world to live in peace and end war, to stop poverty, and for us to love, help, and support each other

  2. I would wish for Sri Lanka to be very hot.
    I would wish we will be alright when we are ill.
    I would wish I can get a new house.
    If they are true I will be very happy

  3. My wishes would be
    1.I would have my own celebration
    2.my mum would get payed for doing nothing
    3. I would have 100 more wishes

  4. my wishes are to have a money machine so i can give money to the poor and homeless people

    that riots didn’t exist

    my last wish is that every person lives in peace

    if these wishes came true this world will be a happier place to be

  5. I would wish for
    1. All the people that don’t have homes get one
    2. That everyone is kind .
    3. I would become a millionaire so I can buy nice things for me and everything else
    If this all happened the people in this world would be happy.

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