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  1. My newly coined word would be ‘zipadeedeurgh’ meaning a mixture of excitement and anxiety. It is a noun but may be used as an exclamation. Common uses might be:

    “Zipadeedeurgh! We’ve got a steep climb ahead of us!”

    She had a bad case of zipadeedeurgh the night before her wedding.

    Or indeed:

    ‘I’m all zipadeedeurghry…it’s back to school tomorrow!’

    See everyone bright and early!

  2. I personaly like that Ms.Viggars, However i’ve got an idear….
    I would invent WAKOTIMELINO meaning sun going down night ,coming.
    I thought of this because “w” has not been in a word much but I used evrey vowel exept “U”
    Thats my thought of the week using repition for school work!!

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