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  1. I would invite Taylor Swift ,Will.i.am, Arianna Grande’ .I chose Taylor swift because she owns a lot of expensive things so she might bring me a necklace or ring . I chose Will.i .am because he is really funny and will make everyone at table laugh. I chose Arianna Grande’ because she is a very good singer and wears the most amazing dresses and would be good to end dinner with good music.

  2. If they were still alive I would invite ghandi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther king as they are truly inspirational people.

  3. I would invite, Rosa Parks, The Suffragettes and Jessie J. I would invite Rosa Parks because she was an excellent role model. The Suffragettes because one of them died for women to vote! Finally Jessie J because she is my idol and when she was younger she had breathing problems and got bullied but she got through it!

  4. i would invite rosa parks because she made black people and white people come together. i would invite taylor swift because she has so many songs she worked hard for.my last person is michael jackson will always be the king of pop but he sadly past away

  5. Justin Bieber he is my favriote singer
    Arianna Granda because she is funny
    Bruno Mars because he would sing and it would be cool 🙂

  6. Nelson Mandela because he stood up to help the black and white people
    J.K Rowling because she write Harry Potter books
    Michael Jackson because he is a popstar

  7. I would invite Honey Daniels,Rhianna and My brother Alfie.I would invite Honey Daniels because she is my favourite hip hop person,Rhianna because she sings my favourite song Eneim and my brother Alfie because he has his own CD.

  8. Hi Selsdon Primary,
    I would invite Little Mix because they’re my favorite girl band. (I just love their songs!)
    Then I would invite William Shakespeare because I love poetry and role plays.
    Finally I would invite my teacher, Mr. Reid, because I would want to know how good I am doing at school.
    The other reasons why I would invite William Shakespeare and Little Mix is because they’re singing and poetry can be linked. Then maybe I could do a musical to my class!

  9. I would invite chris vibes because he is my cousin
    katy perry because she is my favourite singer
    and Victoria justice because she’s my favourite actress

  10. i would invite elli goulding because she is AMAZING at singing i would also invite zack efron because he is really nice and i would invite jessie j becase she is AMAZING FOR WHAT SHE DID FOR CANCER AND I RELLY LIKE HER AND I WOULLD LIKE TO MEET HER IN REAL LIFE NOT O A TV OR A TABLET OR A PHONE XXX

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