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  1. Hi Susan, my comment is not in relation to the thought of the week but a suggestion. In as much as I don’t believe children should go to school because they think they will win something, it is ok, however, My little one who has never missed school since Nursery and now is in year 3, was left very devastated over the weekend for not getting a scooter. I had to explain how a raffle draw is done and how the chances of being picked is never guaranteed. Going forward, if you could consider even giving merits or team points to others who do not get scooters or bicycles, I think it will still go a long way to encourage them all.

  2. A lie is when you withhold the truth or deny something which may be true , a secret is information that you may have been told in confidence. However in order to keep a secret you may have to lie, which you may do to protect the person who confided in you.

  3. A lie is something when you don’t tell the truth. If you are telling a secret your telling the truth
    Because secrets aren’t lies.

  4. Hello Plangan,

    Thank you for your message. I am sorry that your child was upset by this! Thank you for your suggestion. We have had a talk about this and have decided that all of the children who have been entered into the draw will be given a special attendance badge. We will order these this week and hand them out once they have been delivered. Hopefully, this will give an incentive to everyone to keep on trying hard with their attendance and punctuality.

    Best wishes


  5. If someone tells you a secret you must keep it,but you would have to tell a lie if someone wanted to know what you were keeping from them

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