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  1. I think that sometimes if we look beyond the short term things that make us happy, ie material things, we can find true happiness. True happiness is knowing no matter what you go through you know you have people, ie friends and family who love you and support you!

  2. sometimes true happiness is real and sometimes not but all along the way you have friends ,family and teachers following you all of the way and that’s what gives you true happiness

  3. Kindness is something that everyone has in them if you look deep down. What it is for me is something that makes me feel happy because someone is happy towards others.

  4. well true happiness is when your happy and you now that all of the way you have family,friends and teachers following you all of the way.

  5. True happiness is when you do something that is from your heart and your not really expecting anything in return.
    When I help my friend to understand numeracy in class and I get true happiness from that.

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