Day 3 of VitP: Characters & Wishes

Here is 5C’s work from day three of Story Telling Week.

Class 5C 2013

Today, we made large life-sized versions of our group characters…
Great fun had by all and some really interesting ways of solving problems in dealing with such a large size!

Here they are… One very rude member of staff said Charles looked a bit like “Beast”, so I told them off for you, Chance!!

20131113-044244 pm.jpg

20131113-044306 pm.jpg

20131113-044312 pm.jpg

20131113-044323 pm.jpg

We also created a tree and leaves of different colour to explain the story elements of our section…

20131113-044441 pm.jpg

Finally, and my personal favourite, we tried to write our character’s future dreams or wishes down, then fold them into Origami shapes!

Here we all are, grafting away on folding paper… I’m not sure we’ll be too popular with the cleaners tomorrow…

20131113-044729 pm.jpg

20131113-044736 pm.jpg

20131113-044743 pm.jpg

20131113-044750 pm.jpg

And here are the results of our labour…

20131113-100001 pm.jpg

20131113-100009 pm.jpg

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